30 years of NEXUS – We are celebrating the future!

A celebration was held at the NEXUS AG company head office in Donaueschingen to mark its 30th anniversary. About 100 employees reminisced in the finest of weather with some delicious snacks, and enjoyed a review of the history of the company.

Far be it from us to keep the highlights of the NEXUS story from you:

The NEXUS Group has clocked up a success story that very few software companies in Germany can ever hope to match. For example, the company grew from a small team of programmers to become one of Europe’s leading software providers in the healthcare sector within the space of 30 years. Today, we are market leader in many diagnostic fields, including pathology, cytology and gastroenterology.


The origins of NEXUS AG can be traced back to a company that traded as Nexus Gesellschaft für Computertechnologie mbH, founded back in 1989. There are still two of the founding members working at NEXUS AG, including Board member Edgar Kuner, who still heads software development in the company. Whereas the company used to serve a wide variety of sectors in the early days, the decision soon followed to focus instead on medicine. The digital patient record was developed and became the cornerstone of what today is the growing product range at NEXUS.


In 2000, NEXUS AG was listed on the stock market, and business development really began to take off. For example, the company gained its first international customers in Switzerland, quickly followed by worldwide projects, for example in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Turks & Caicos Islands – to name just a few. With 26 locations in 7 countries, the NEXUS Group now has the most comprehensive portfolio of products on the European e-health market. Somewhere in the region of 202,000 users work with NEXUS solutions on a daily basis.


Sales revenues have risen continuously ever since (annual sales in 2000: €3.6 m; 2018: €136.5 m), and the growth in profitability is also readily apparent (annual result in 2000: €0; 2018: €14.9 m).


Things have also been happening in terms of marketing and external promotion of the company image: our customers will still be able to recall the major trade fairs at which we presented the ’NEXUS – ready to use’ concept – as easy as preparing a packet soup.



Today, we are at the DMEA – Europe’s biggest Digital Health Event – as ‘ONE / NEXUS’ where we are proud to present how our solutions can simulate a complete digital hospital.