The Solution for Intensive Care

All medical, care and treatment information is recorded at the hospital workstation with reference to patients and problems. Thanks to automatic transfer of monitoring, ventilation, dialysis and infusion data from medical technology and their continuous storage, existing intensive care monitoring is complemented by an efficient organization and communication tool.


Thanks to the individualized arrangement of the function blocks of NEXUS / ICU, you get an application customized to the needs of your ward or department.



Manufacturer-specific device protocols of different devices are converted and evaluated by special device drivers into an internal format. NEXUS currently has more than 100 device drivers and connection options. The user always has full control of the documented data thanks to the subsequent validation and commenting possibility of data transmitted online.


Advantages at a glance:
  • Interdepartmental use (OP - RR - ICU - Normal Ward); Documentation without Media Fragmentation
  • Automatic Service Derivation from the Documentation
  • Common Database with NEXUS / HIS
  • Decision Support System
  • Integrated part of your NEXUS / HIS
  • Workload Reduction thanks to Default Setting of Scoring Forms
  • Protocol, Graph and Label Printing, PDF Generator
  • Hospital-Wide Evaluations
  • Certified as a class IIa medical device



A prescription dialog box optimized to the needs of intensive care units enables a physician to prescribe new drugs quickly and easily at a patient’s bed. Predefined perfusor mixtures facilitate prescribing.


ICU medication is extensively in use at NEXUS customers’ sites and based on the NEXUS / MEDICATION module. Very complex prescription types are possible with it. In addition, this module provides an overview of all drugs to be prepared and administered in the entire ward.Read more ...



An integrated nutrition calculator computes the calorie needs of patients. The calculation is performed according to Harris Benedict or by entering an estimate. Special calculation formulas are available for neonatology that are automatically selected based on the patient‘s age.

As with medication, predefined mixtures can be used here such as the industry supplies. The variables included in the master data for these mixtures, such as calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, trace elements, etc., are listed separately in the nutritional balance and can be compared with the nutritional target there.



Doctors’ instructions can be documented as easily as drug prescriptions. Standards are also stored here that simplify work decisively.



NEXUS / ICU is not limited to use at an intensive care unit. Documentation without media fragmentation concerning anesthesia documentation, recovery room, intensive care unit and all the way to a normal ward is a matter of course for NEXUS. As a result, you as user always have an overview of the entire course of treatment in a central work medium: the chart.


The central presentation means of NEXUS / ICU is the day chart. In addition to measured values, measures, prescriptions and their implementation are documented in this chart. The time scale can be zoomed down to 15 minutes and up to 60 days.



In general, vital signs are transferred on-line from monitoring in the ICU. However, the simultaneous recording of manual data is also possible.

Online data can be validated by the user and provided with observations. These data are normally summarized before display in a chart or processed by other algorithms. Consequently, the display in the chart is arranged clearly.

However, a higher data density or detailed display is also necessary in the chart in certain situations. In this case, the user can manually (including retrospectively!) access the detailed original data.



The time-consuming part of intensive documentation is the recording of the 25 parameters for TISS and SAPS score for complex intensive care treatment. NEXUS / ICU automatically provides the majority of these parameters, only a few of which must be supplemented manually. To this end, NEXUS / ICU fills out a form with the automatically derived quantities, which the user supplements or corrects. This provides significant relief in everyday clinical work.



NEXUS / ICU can create invoices automatically based on stored formulas and saved data. The BMI, body surface and Horowitz index are included as a standard, just to name a few. Simple scores such as the Glasgow Coma Scale, Braden Scale and Norton Scale are also supplied and can be used as the basis for new, user-defined scores. Complex scores such as TISS and SAPS are programmed as fixed settings. They are recalculated automatically every day according to the applicable coding guidelines.



Even if you use NEXUS / ICU and do not want to do completely without printouts, the IT solution provides a very easy-to-use interface from which you can select pre-configured reports/overviews. These reports are automatically populated with the current patient data. You can print them, export to MS Word or store as PDF in an archive. You can create transfer reports, handover certificates, doctors’ letters, labels and lots more with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition, standard statistics and lists for hospital management, materials management and training can be created, for example, about drug consumption, anesthesia times and nursing expenses broken down by activities.

NEXUS / INFORMATION STORE is available for scientific analysis, with which you can create almost any issue ad-hoc at your workplace quickly and flexibly.












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