The NEXUS / RIS is one of the most innovative radiology information systems on the market!


As a newly developed complete solution, the NEXUS / RIS is particularly distinguished by its modern and innovative user interface. With the help of the new technology, workspaces (customized workspaces) can be created with just a few clicks. Each workspace consists of one or more functional areas - the plugins.
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A special emphasis was placed on the implementation of the electronic workflow in radiology, which makes the use of paper forms, checklists, SOPs in paper form and many more obsolete. In addition, NEXUS / RIS helps to make work processes more efficient and transparent.


  • freely definable workflows for maximum flexibility in the support and control of the work processes
  • Site- and cross-site process standardization
  • Integration or implementation of tablet-based solutions, e.g. in the field of patient education, reporting
  • integrated WYSIWYG report
  • comfortable image transfer from the PACS and 3D postprocessing solutions into the RIS results
  • bi-directional integration of the NEXUS / RIS with the PACS
  • Separation of clients and the establishment of organizational units, based on two different concepts
  • Document archive
  • Control of clinical conferences
  • MPI management


Nuclear Medicine

Analogous to the use in radiology, the nuclear medical workflow including the RIA laboratory in NEXUS / RIS can also be depicted.

In addition, RIA laboratories can be connected with their own laboratory workflow.

  • RIA laboratory list
  • Laboratory sheet / overview
  • Interface RIA lab


NEXUS / PACS: The right PACS with suitable workstations for any individual need.

The multimedia-based PACS provides comprehensive solutions for the medical image management for radiology practices, medical service centers or even up to hospitals with maximal care facilities. International standard interfaces allow the seamless integration into your HIS or RIS system, if required.


NEXUS Modality PACS Systems

Start with the PACS that currently suits your needs and just let it grow if needed.
All PACS variants are fitted with interfaces for study request communication using HIS/RIS (HL7). The systems differ by their number of modalities that can be integrated as well as the number of simultaneous users in image distribution.


  • All data online – no preliminary loading required
  • High reliability through fault tolerance and redundancy
  • Web-based image distribution
  • Integrated teleradiology

  • Multy-tenancy: Data may be separated logically or physically into different data areas in order to meet data privacy requirements
  • Data reconciliation: Third-party data from CD/DVD or from teleradiology can comfortably be adapted to the internal IDs
  • Multimedia data: The Enterprise Imaging PACS (VNA) can process and store data from any source: Images, videos and documents in any format (DICOM and NON-DICOM)
PACS Workstations without limits.

All workstations enable interpretation, visualization, processing and communication of any multimedia data. Data can be processed synchronically in a phone conference.



NEXUS / TELEMEDICINE: Intersectoral integration made easy

NEXUS' telemedicine solutions help you to establish your own platform for intersectoral data exchange or to join the German TKmed® solution.

What they have in common is the possibility to exchange both radiological images and documents.


  • Can be integrated into existing primary systems such as HIS or RIS
  • Integration of DICOM data with DICOM viewer in a quality that supports interpretation
  • Intersectoral use


  • Clinical research: Suited for Remote Data Entry (RDE) System incl. radiological images in DICOM format
  • Multimedia case record with multimedia data for the web-based exchange among all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment process


Integration Processes: Made Easy!

In addition to standard interface formats, we realize complex and system-specific data formats.

With our integration modules, we guarantee a highly effective data exchange.




The NEXUS / INTEGRATIONSERVER is a flexible data rotary disk that combines different formats. From the simple overview and monitoring of the interfaces, the administration of patient IDs of various systems through an MPI (Master Patient Index) up to the documentation of the interface landscape.


Imaging systems

Connection of imaging systems via DICOM communication



Standardized and proprietary HL7 interfaces to information systems


Data Transmission

Data Transmission to billing and accounting systems (e.g., PVS / DATEV)



  • Your existing telephone system (TAPI)
  • Manufacturer-independent integration of existing PACS systems (front and back end control)



Support of the workflow by accessing relevant, interdisciplinary parameters such as laboratory values, operating reports, etc.


The NEXUS / RIS is supplemented by the graphic planning module NEXUS / RIS SCHEDULING. These orders, which are to be planned, are available in RIS as well as in the term management.


  • flexible, graphical interface with current status display of the scan
  • optimal overview of the current occupancy and still open date slots
  • Quick overview of the capacity utilization of individual resources


Customer Relation Management

With its tools, the NEXUS / RIS helps to shape the relationship management between practice / doctors and assigners more modernly and reliably. In addition, valuable information on the focus of the marketing strategy and practice organization can be gained against the assigners and patients.


The NEXUS / RIS as a data management system provides efficient, meaningful evaluations, flexible analyzes as well as comprehensive risk assessments over all sites of its radiology and nuclear medicine by means of a professional statistics tool.


This provides the basis for optimal transparency in order to make more informed decisions in all areas. All information captured in the NEXUS / RIS form the data pool for these evaluations. They are used for economic transparency, risk assessments and special questions.


The possibility to integrate your own data sources (personnel, comparison number, expenditure) provides the basis for a complete business management overview.









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