NEXUS / OBSTETRICS: Easy handling and high integration

NEXUS / OBSTETRICS offers a simple, user-friendly and reliable information system, designed specifically for the needs of women’s hospitals. The solution can be adapted flexibly to individual requirements.

The function modules of the software solution can be parameterised completely in line with your needs into the already existing IT infrastructure of your hospital. You can access current information about findings and diagnoses at any time, even in delivery rooms, and generate required organisation aids with minimum work.




Certification and International Integration

NEXUS / DIS GmbH is internationally recognised as an ISO-certified manufacturer of medical products (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008; DIN EN ISO 13485:2003). Our solution NEXUS / OBSTETRICS has already been installed in seven languages. Additional languages are available on request.


NEXUS and astraia

The astraia software gmbh is part of the NEXUS group. The astraia software has been translated into over 20 languages and has been installed in over 1000 doctor's offices, small clinics, large hospitals, midwife practices, laboratories and research centres.




Read more in the brochure "Obstetrics in Focus" (see downloads)

...or on the German NEXUS / GYNAECOLOGICAL HOSPITAL Website.


NEXUS / NEONATOLOGY: For a safe start in life

The modern neonatal software solution for documentation and quality assurance in neonatal departments not only facilitates documentation, but also equips it for future structural changes.


Stable and scalable client-server architecture, simple operation, clear and unambiguous presentation of information as well as complete integration into the obstetric documentation are basic requirements for the efficient processing of documentation in the neonatal department.


In combination with NEXUS / OBSTETRICS, the entire documentation process from pregnancy to intensive care treatment is supported on one database.


Comprehensive functionalities

The neonatal module supports the entire workflow with comprehensive functionalities starting with the patient master data transfer to writing a discharge letter. Special mention should be made of the joint dataset of NEXUS / NEONATAL and NEXUS / OBSTETRICS, the leading obstetric documentation system. On the one hand, this constellation provides integrated insight into the delivery data without annoying file scrolling and, on the other hand, all letters contain the expected delivery date at the touch of a button. In addition, you are also prepared for the future submission of the quality sheet.


The neonatal solution combines the obstetric and neonatal documentation of a perinatal centre in an ideal way. The uniform system architecture and the common database create significant benefits for the user and the IT department. Existing HIS interfaces can also be used for neonatology.


In particular for research and teaching, common data management results in numerous possibilities of statistical analysis.


Facts about NEXUS / NEONATAL
  • Transfer of patient data
  • Insight into the delivery files and immediate availability of information between delivery room and neonatal department without annoying file scrolling
  • Common record with NEXUS / OBSTETRICS
  • Automatic transfer of pregnancy data to the doctor's letter
  • Easy recognition of QA-relevant data
  • QA data export incl. QA plausibility check
  • Flexibility in use - from pure QA tools to complete documentation with scientific standards
  • Access to selected existing data


NEXUS / GYNECOLOGY: Compact and Clearly Arranged

Regardless of whether soon-to-be mother or female patient during regular check-ups in gynecology: You obtain pictures and measurement data via various ultrasound types, which can be allocated directly to the patient and stored centrally.

Based on the organ chart, you are prompted intuitively through your examination and can record and store findings in a structured way. Clearly arranged input masks thereby simplify indication, case history and sonography of the organs. Thanks to the transfer of biometric data from your ultrasound device, you can save considerable time that you can invest in caring for your patients.


MAMMARY GLAND ULTRASOUND: Interactive Diagnosing

You can diagnose interactively using a sketch of the breast with help of the mammary gland ultrasound.

Previous findings can be transferred unchanged into the system. The 2-D view for documenting diagnostic interventions and chart comparison with previous findings helps you in making decisions.

Integration of ultrasonic diagnoses directly into documentation makes it easier for you to obtain a fast overview into structured diagnoses.



Clearly arranged input masks support you and ensure fast and easy documentation. Direct entry of findings using the three-color coding function is possible as well as subtly differentiated findings.

Findings can be drawn in a schematic chart for illustration. Adaptation to internal hospital jargon is possible thanks to possibility of configuring formulation of the text modules.


The pictures transmitted from the ultrasound device are stored in the patient's records. Findings from previous check-up examinations can be transferred unchanged.

Integration of an image management system via framegrabbing or DICOM links rounds out the NEXUS / GYNECOLOGY module. NEXUS / GYNECOLOGY is the ideal supplement to NEXUS / OBSTETRICS.













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