NEXUS AG: Release of capital market information

Disclosure according to Art. 2 para. 1 of the Regulation (EU) no. 2016/1052 Share buyback - Interim
Reporting 9

In the time period from September 18, 2023 until and including September 22, 2023, a number of 490 shares were bought back within the framework of the share buy-back program of NEXUS AG, whose start wasdisclosed by Nexus AG on July 24, 2023


Date               Volume           Average Price

18.09.2023     100                 53.73

19.09.2023     103                 51.74

20.09.2023       97                 52.10

21.09.2023     102                 51.27

22.09.2023       88                 51.34


The transactions in a detailed form are published on the website of Nexus AG (www.nexus-ag.de - Investor Relations – Stock Buyback).
The total volume of shares which have been bought back within the framework of the share buy-back (share buyback program 2023) amounts to 12,246 shares.

The purchase of the shares of Nexus AG is carried out by a credit institution that has been commissioned by Nexus AG; the shares are repurchased exclusively on the electronic trading platform of the Frankfurt Stock
Exchange (Xetra).

Donaueschingen, 25.09.2023

The Managing Board