Successful implementation of the Wielkopolskie e-Health project

Wielkopolskie e-Health is the largest regional IT project in Poland. The Polish NEXUS / HIS "Eskulap" has been successfully introduced in 30 of the 48 facilities

At the end of May, the order was placed with NEXUS to equip 30 facilities, such as district hospitals, specialist hospitals and psychiatric care centers, with Eskulap and thus make a major contribution to the eHealth strategy. In the meantime, the implementation of the software and thus also the linking of the facilities has been successfully completed.


In addition to the HIS, communication solutions were also introduced. This means that both the institutions themselves and the patients can now access the medical documents (patient portal).


We are very proud to have implemented this project together with our partner "Konsultant IT" in a very short time and thus also to be able to make a significant contribution to digitization and the innovative progress of an entire region.