Donaueschingen, 16 August 2022: Nexus AG, one of the leading European suppliers of software solutions in the healthcare sector,
was able to increase its sales by 10% and EBIT by approx. 22% in the first six months of 2022. As a result, the continually positive
development of sales and earnings of the last years could be continued.

Sales improved from KEUR 90,857 to KEUR 100,032 (+10.1%) in the first half-year 2022. The international share of total business volume was 47.5% (6M 2021: 46.6%) and amounted to KEUR 47,488 compared to KEUR 42,320 (6M-2021).

The consolidated earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) rose very sharply by 22.2% to KEUR 12,403 (6M 2021: KEUR 10,147), and consolidated surplus rose by 20.7% to KEUR 9,151 (6M 2021: 7,580 KEUR): EBITA increased by 19.8% from KEUR 12,329 (6M-2021) to KEUR 14,766, and EBITDA increased by 13.2% to KEUR 20,823 (6M 2021: KEUR 18,391).

Operating cash flow increased by 9.6% to KEUR 29,666 in the first six months (6M 2021: KEUR 27,070) and remains at a very high level.

As of 30/06/2022, the company had cash resources at its disposal in the amount of KEUR 38,352 (31/12/2021: KEUR 26,172).

The half-year figures include sales from company acquisitions in the current year 2022 amounting to KEUR 1,123. The effect on earnings amounted to KEUR 123.

Nexus AG had equity capital amounting to KEUR 156,675 as of 30/06/2022 (31/12/2021: KEUR 142,403). Consequently, the equity capital rate is 59.6% (31/12/2021: 57.6%). This demonstrates that Nexus AG has a sustainable and healthy balance sheet as well as sufficient capital for further financing of its European growth strategy.