St. Anna Zorggroep introduced NEXUS / RISNG

St. Anna is the first hospital in the Netherlands to implement the new RIS of e-health provider NEXUS AG. With the go-live date on June 21 in Geldrop, the new functionalities were put into operation.

In addition to the new NEXUS / RISNG (Radiology Information System), order management and nursing logistics were added to the suite. St. Anna has been using the NEXUS / HIS (Hospital Information System) already for a long time and announced an extension of the partnership last year. "The new modules provide optimal support for all our work processes," said Paul de Roij, manager of the internal strategy program "ANNA NEXT" at St. Anna.

RISNG and PACSNG from NEXUS have been used in Germany for many years. Dennis Klein, Head of Radiology at NEXUS: "The productive start in the Netherlands is an important milestone for us as a European group and is our pilot and door opener to the Dutch market." In Germany, more than 150 facilities use NEXUS / RIS and PACS.

Paul de Roij: "With the RISNG, St. Anna has put into operation a state-of-the-art system. Our employees now have digital access to the Radiology scheduler, so they can make appointments quickly and easily at the ambulance."