NEXUS AG: Strong Sales and Results Increase in the Third Quarter 2017

Donaueschingen, 7. November 2017: NEXUS AG, specialized in hospital software, was able to increase sales by 11.6 % and its result before interest and taxes (EBIT) by 15.9 % in the first nine months of 2017. As a result, the successful positive development of sales and result of NEXUS Group of recent years could be continued.

In the first nine months 2017, sales improved from KEUR 77,308 (9M-2016) to KEUR 86,282 (11.6 %). KEUR 78,047 were achieved in the Healthcare Software Division following KEUR 70,905 (9M-2016) +10.1 %). The Healthcare Service Division recorded sales of KEUR 8,235 following KEUR 6,403 (9M-2016) (+28.6 %).

The Group result before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the amount of KEUR 8,772 improved compared to the same period last year by 15.9% (9M-2016: KEUR 7,571). The EBITA increased by 13.1% from KEUR 9,453 (9M-2016 adjusted) to KEUR 10,699. EBITDA reached KEUR 16,101 and consequently increased by 10.3 % (9M-2016: KEUR 14,596). The consolidated surplus amounted to KEUR 7,425 (9M-2016: KEUR 6,533) and consequently increased by 13.7 %.

The operating cash flow increased by 29.3 % to KEUR 19,856 (9M-2016: KEUR 15,356). Cash and cash equivalents increased by 36.0 % from KEUR 20,235 (30 September 2016) to EUR 27,516 as of 30 September 2017. Dividends in the amount of KEUR 2,358 (2016: KEUR 2,202) were paid in 2017.

NEXUS AG has equity capital amounting to KEUR 100,742. This demonstrates that NEXUS AG has a sustainable and healthy balance sheet as well as sufficient capital for further financing of its European growth strategy.