NEXUS AG: Substantial Sales and Operating Result Increase in the first Quarter 2016

Villingen-Schwenningen, 09 May 2016: NEXUS AG, specialized in hospital software, was able to increase sales by approx. 15 % and its result before taxes and interest by approx. 22 % in the first quarter 2016. As a result, the long-term course for growth of the NEXUS Group could be continued.

Sales increased by approx. 14.7 % from KEUR 22,767 (Q1-2015) to KEUR 26,113 in the first quarter 2016. In the Healthcare Software Division, sales increased by 15.0 % (Q1-2016: KEUR 24,335; Q1-2015: KEUR 21,159). The Healthcare Service Division recorded sales of KEUR 1,778 in the first quarter 2016 after KEUR 1,608 (Q1-2015) and consequently 10.6 % more than in the previous year. The international share of total business volume was 51.2 % in the first quarter (Q1-2015: 51.6 %) and increased to KEUR 13,358 following KEUR 11,752 in the previous year.

The result before taxes and interest (EBIT) increased considerably and improved by 21.8 % to KEUR 2,590 (Q1-2015: KEUR 2,126). A value of KEUR 4,503 was achieved there and consequently was 13.6 % above the value of previous year (Q1-2015: KEUR 3,964). EBITDA was KEUR 4,839 in the first quarter of 2016 (Q1-2015: KEUR 4,332) and consequently was 11.7 % higher than the previous year. The consolidated surplus amounted to KEUR 2,353 for the first quarter 2016 following KEUR 2,087 (Q1-2015) and consequently increased by 12.7 %.

The cash flow in the first quarter developed especially strongly. The cash flow from current business transactions reached KEUR 13,977 and consequently considerably surpassed the high value of the previous year of KEUR 11,870 (+17.8 %). NEXUS AG had cash funds incl. short-term financial assets amounting to KEUR 32,902 as of 31 March 2016 (31 March 2015: KEUR 23,736).

The undiluted earnings per share amounted to 14 cents (previous year: 14 cents) (diluted: 14 cents; previous year: 14 cents).

NEXUS AG has equity capital amounting to KEUR 91,443 (31 December 2015: KEUR 89,060). As a result, NEXUS AG has a sustainable and healthy balance sheet as well as sufficient capital for further financing of its European growth strategy.