NEXUS Acquires French HIS-Specialist

NEXUS AG, Villingen-Schwenningen: On October 30th 2014, NEXUS AG has acquired all of the shares of CS3i SAS, Vichy (F). With around 35 employees, the company is the market leader in the field of hospital information systems for private hospitals in France.

More than 100 hospitals and hopital Groups in France use the Software EMED of CS3i. Two of the three largest private hospital-groups in France have based their IT-strategy on the CS3i software. The software has its focus point on the digital patient record, which is highly customized towards the need of private clinics in France. NEXUS strengthens with CS3i its market presence in France and increases its market shares especially in private clinics. With Software Modules for “Operating Theatre” and “Sterilisation Departments” the French subsidiary of NEXUS, “NEXUS / OPTIM,” is already present in many French private clinics. To combine the NEXUS strength in products and technology with the close market and customer relation of CS3i is the main target of the acquisition. Jointly, boths organisations have a large potential to win additional market shares and, thus , to improve the market position of the NEXUS group in France. NEXUS / CS3i, Vichy and NEXUS / OPTIM, Grenoble (F) will be managed through a joint management which is committed to use the synergies between both organisations.