The result before taxes improved by 36.0% to KEUR 1,126 (Q1-2010: KEUR 828) in comparison to the previous year, and the result after taxes increased to KEUR 668 following KEUR 1,074 in the previous ye

NEXUS AG, Villingen-Schwenningen, signed a purchase contract for 62% of the
shares of DOMIS AG, Altishofen, Switzerland on 10 May 2011.
With approximately 63 employees, DOMIS primarily develops software
solutions for nursing and geriatric institutions and is considered the
market leader in this segment in Switzerland. The company had sales of
somewhat more than EUR 5.0 million in this area in 2010.

NEXUS is strengthening its product position within long-term care with the
acquisition. This is an area that is becoming increasingly important and
that will be a focal point in the further development of hospital
information systems (HIS) in connection with acute care in hospitals in the

'We are convinced that the exchange of information between hospitals and
long-term care institutions can open up substantial potential for treatment
quality and efficiency,' NEXUS CEO Dr. Ingo Behrendt commented on the

NEXUS sees considerable growth potential for DOMIS and will actively
advance expansion of the business field to the European market.

NEXUS AG - the eHealth-Specialist - develops and sells IT solutions for
health care systems. These solutions make it possible for hospitals,
and social institutions to convert to digital patient information. NEXUS
also supports integrated healthcare, which enables data exchange between
primary care physicians, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.
More than 400 staff members in the NEXUS Group develop software and IT
solutions for health care, with which approximately 100,000 users in 23
countries work.