NEXUS / CHILI - An Even Stronger Combination

The radiology division of NEXUS / DIS GmbH and CHILI GmbH have been operating under the umbrella of a joint company, NEXUS / CHILI GmbH, since 9 December 2019. Following close collaboration in recent years, the most innovative RIS on the market is now also combined organizationally with 40 years of experience in multimedia communication and diagnostics.

CHILI GmbH has been part of the NEXUS Group since May 2017 and is strengthening the group’s product portfolio with its telemedicine and image archiving systems. Collaboration with the radiology department of NEXUS / DIS GmbH has been successful from the outset: Added value for customers has been achieved primarily by eliminating interfaces and centralizing processes.


The market position as a complete solution provider and specialist in the field of "Radiology and Imaging” is to be further expanded jointly starting immediately.


"Following the close collaboration in recent years and joint sales, the consolidation of the divisions is the next logical step,” Dennis Klein explained, who heads the company as one of three managing directors of NEXUS / CHILI together with Dr. Uwe Engelmann and Dr. Heiko Münch.


"We can provide our customers a diverse product portfolio from a single source and support them in the future with concentrated know-how and leaner processes,” Dr. Uwe Engelmann confirmed.



NEXUS / CHILI GmbH is part of the NEXUS Group and provides premium solutions in the field of "Radiology and Imaging”. As a provider of the innovative RIS/PACS overall concept on the market, NEXUS / CHILI is also an expert in the field of multimedia communication and diagnostics. Radiologists are helped to digitalize their processes completely and individually as well as to integrate and connect referrers and colleagues into the process.

The history of NEXUS / CHILI GmbH

The company was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg and initially operated as “Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Medizinische Informatik”. In 2002, the company was converted into the independent CHILI GmbH. The merger with the NEXUS Group followed in 2017 and the company was renamed NEXUS / CHILI GmbH two years later.