NEXUS AG: Investment in a leading HIS-Specialist in Poland

On January 9th, 2018, NEXUS AG has acquired 55% of the shares of MedHub, Posen in Poland. With more than 90 employees and more than 120 hospital customers, the company is one of the top 3 medical software vendors in Poland. MedHub is a recognized leader in electronic health record systems including pharmacy and laboratory solutions and will be acting as NEXUS Polska in the future.

MedHub and NEXUS are planning to expand the joint activities in the polish market and to further improve the market position of MedHub. With the addition of modules and products from NEXUS, MedHub will be offering its hospital customers a complete range of clinical and diagnostic information systems from a single source. New modules and products from NEXUS will be integrated into the clinical solution named Eskulap of MedHub. Thus, MedHub’s successful HIS is enhanced further and will be positioned as the most complete solution within in the Polish market.


Through this acquisition, NEXUS has realized another step in becoming the leading European E-Health company. NEXUS is actively combining eHealth know-how from different European Countries in order to provide better products and better services to the hospitals.


NEXUS AG is a software vendor specialized in eHealth solutions. NEXUS software helps hospitals, mental health and rehabilitation clinics to increase efficiency and safety in treating patients. NEXUS enhances integrated healthcare, which enables data exchange between the health care service providers. Over 1100 staff members at NEXUS develop solutions for approx. 240,000 users in 25 countries.