HANS CAROSSA HOSPITAL: NEXUS / HISNG launched on 1 January 2018

NEXUS supports psychiatry processes in the information processing centre. Integrated, forward-looking and all the information available at a glance - these are the reasons why the Hans Carossa Hospital chose the hospital information system (HIS) from NEXUS, which was launched on 1 January 2018. NEXUS was awarded the contract for its NEXUS / HISNG, which increases the efficiency of patient care and improves workflow for good.

The Hans Carossa Hospital for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy is a modern and forward-thinking institution that takes patients on an in-patient and day patient basis. It is one of the first psychosomatic specialist hospitals in South Baden and has been caring for patients for more than 50 years.


 In order to meet the future requirements of a modern, capable hospital, the Hans Carossa Hospital has invested in a new hospital information system, for which the contract was awarded to NEXUS.


The treatment of patients with psychosomatic illnesses places particular demands on an information system. Knowledge of psychiatric processes is required and the special legal situation needs to be taken into account. Treatment at the Hans Carossa Hospital follows a holistic Biopsychosocial approach, providing an individualised combination of physical, psychological and social therapies to create an effective treatment plan. The hospital has to be able to document the treatment course in a clear and logical manner at all times.


NEXUS / HISNG provides particular support to the psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and nursing staff, and assists multidisciplinary cooperation. In addition to the interdisciplinary planning and documentation of the patient’s entire treatment course, the new HIS is fully integrated and maps all patient-related processes. It provides a high level of transparency for the entire treatment process. The complete digitisation of the documentation in a system represents a significant step into the future and the right path for the Hans Carossa Hospital, who has found both a strong partner and a reliable system to meet the future demands of the healthcare industry. The availability of the necessary patient data and the smoother and more transparent treatment procedures mean that processes are optimised and paper records can be avoided.


One of the reasons for choosing NEXUS was NEXUS’s position as a market leader in the area of psychiatry and the fact that it offers the most state-of-the-art hospital information system on the market. The NEXUS modules focus squarely on hospital processes, creating a comprehensive psychiatric workflow system. The system structure supports the seamless integration of management and medical service processes.


NEXUS / HISNG saves time, money and resources as the data can be retrieved immediately wherever they are needed.