Groene Hart Hospital in Gouda chooses NEXUS AG

On July 18, Groene Hart Hospital (GHZ) and software supplier NEXUS Nederland signed a contract to supply and implement the complete NEXUS software suite.

Marlies Telgenkamp, ​​GHZ board member, looks ahead with confidence: "The common theme in our strategic plan is that the GHZ wants to organize health care even more intelligently in order to face the changing care needs of clinics. Maintaining digital networks is crucial here. Choosing the comprehensive and innovative NEXUS IT system enables us to take this step.”


Another crucial factor for the GHZ was the ability to implement the system gradually. This allows GHZ to develop organically in consultation with internal and external stakeholders. Eric van Kooten, Commercial Director of NEXUS Nederland: "In recent years, we have made every effort to develop a future-proof, comprehensive software solution that meets today's requirements and is open to the future."


The phased implementation begins with the signing of the contract. In the first phase, a standardized and multidisciplinary NEXUS / HIS including the Patient Data Management System (PDMS) for the ICU and the emergency room will replace all current 24 loose HIS installations. In the following phases, the innovations focus on the entire operating room complex and the medication process. After that, the process will be completed in 2021.