Gelderse Valley Hospital (NL) chooses ONE / NEXUS

With the decision in favour of NEXUS Nederland as the new supplier of the electronic patient file (ePA), Gelderse Vallei Hospital is taking an important step in the direction of further digitisation, nursing innovation and inter-facility cooperation. With this, the hospital underlines the importance of transparent care processes, patient management and open system connectivity for all care and care support processes.

The hospital from Ede (NL) with more than 2,600 employees, known for its pioneering role in the areas of nutrition, exercise and sleep, wants to strengthen its central role in care processes around people in the coming years. "To provide relevant care, we want to be an integral part of our patients' care processes. This goes beyond the hospital. For the patient and the care provider, these processes must form a harmonious whole and not a static sequence of steps," says John van Giessen, Head of Computerisation and Automation at Gelderse Vallei Hospital. "The open systems from NEXUS provide us with full control and possibilities for this and thus fit into our digital strategy."

The importance of digitalisation and the role of the patient are not new to the hospital. Marjolein de Jong, CEO of Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei: "We see the importance of remote care and data exchange within the regional care network as more current than ever. We strongly believe in the combination of smart applications and excellent (poly)clinical care. To optimally connect these two worlds, we have been looking for a link. We found it in the flexible systems from NEXUS.

The most important processes
In addition to the importance of the supply chain, NEXUS was chosen as the new main supplier because of its proven track record in system connectivity. "We deliberately did not want an all-or-nothing solution, but a true partnership relationship with the supplier responsible for our ICT base," says Willem van den Heuvel, Head of Application Management at Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei. "A step-by-step changeover in which we very specifically respond to the wishes and needs of our nursing and care staff is important to us. Thanks to the open connectivity, we as a hospital retain the possibility of fully integrating other applications into the EHR if required. NEXUS will fully integrate these components into their systems, so that the nursing staff no longer have to go out into other environments unnecessarily. And that is what I understand by a true partnership.

Market Signal
Commercial Director Eric van Kooten sees the new partnership as an important signal to the healthcare market. "As NEXUS, our main focus is on providing optimal support to institutions, healthcare providers and patients. The basis for this is our ONE / NEXUS environment, where all functions converge. That is why we are particularly proud of this new partnership with Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei. This step once again confirms the combined value of completeness, openness and chain cooperation.

The implementation process starts immediately and includes the entire package of NEXUS solutions. In addition to the ePA, diagnostic solutions for some departments and the NEXUS / CLOUD solutions for digital data exchange will also be put into operation.