NEXUS and astraia software gmbh: Common Strategy in Software for Gynecologists and Obstetricians

NEXUS AG acquired 61 % of the shares of astraia software gmbh, Munich, as of 5 June 2018. Thanks to the acquisition, NEXUS is strengthening its international market position in this area and is enhancing the product NEXUS / GYNECOLOGICAL HOSPITAL with a leading global software of ultrasound diagnostics.

NEXUS is already very successful today in many national and international hospitals with the product family NEXUS / GYNECOLOGICAL HOSPITAL, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of gynecological and obstetrical clinics.


The astraia software supports gynecologists and obstetricians in ultrasound diagnostics and in carrying out and evaluating scientific studies. More than 1,500 doctors’ practices, laboratories, hospitals and research centers around the world use astraia programs and their standardized terminology. The product is available and installed in more than 25 languages. A particular focus of the software lies in the consistent integration of current international studies. Especially thanks to the close cooperation with Prof. Nicolaides of the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF), London, as well as the continuous integration of leading scientists in product development, astraia is considered a global innovation leader in this special diagnostic area.


astraia is represented at its Munich site with approximately 30 employees and has trading partners in a total of 24 countries. In the future, Nexus and astraia will also sell their products together and integrate them technically. The product range for existing and new customers will become even more attractive thanks to this powerful combination and will stimulate innovation in the market of gynecological and obstetrical software.