Ad hoc: Sales and Operating Result increase in first half-year 2012

Villingen-Schwenningen, 20 August 2012: NEXUS AG, Villingen Schwenningen,
listed in Prime Standard, improved its sales to KEUR 28,768 in the first
half-year from KEUR 24,544 (+17.2%) and achieved a substantially better
result before taxes of KEUR 2,978 compared to KEUR 2,659 (+12%) in the
previous year.

The EBITDA improved from KEUR 5,407 to KEUR 5,774 (+6.8%), and the period
result improved by 7.4% from KEUR 2,674 to KEUR 2,873.

With respect to segments, sales in the Healthcare Software area developed
positively and increased by 19.7% to KEUR 26,812 (previous year: KEUR
22,390). The Healthcare Service segment had approx. 9% fewer sales with
KEUR 1,956 following KEUR 2,154 (1st half-year 2011).

The second quarter closed with sales of KEUR 14,913 compared to KEUR 12,834
in the previous year (+16.2%) and an operating result improved by 8.9%
before taxes of KEUR 1,571 (previous year: KEUR 1,407).

Sales increased by 24.5% in countries outside of Germany and by 11.3% in
Germany in the first half-year. The foreign share of Group sales was 47.5%
in the first half year compared to 44.7% in the previous year.

The operative cash flow at KEUR 5,545 is at a high level, but about 11%
lower than in the very strong period of the previous year (1st half-year
2011: KEUR 6,228). As of 30 June 2012, the balance sheet of the NEXUS AG
showed cash on hand and securities worth 23.6 million euros, against which
there are no substantial financial liabilities. The equity capital rate was

Information and Explaination of the Issuer to this News:

NEXUS AG - the eHealth-Specialist - develops and sells IT solutions for
health care systems. These solutions make it possible for hospitals,
rehabilitation and social institutions to convert to digital patient
information. NEXUS also supports integrated healthcare, which enables data
exchange between primary care physicians, hospitals and rehabilitation
clinics. More than 480 staff members in the NEXUS Group develop software
and IT solutions for health care, with which approximately 135,000 users in
23 countries work.