NEXUS Active Day 2018 – Review of a great, action packed day

On June 15, 2018, employees from all locations of the NEXUS Group set off to spend a day together. More than 500 colleagues from 7 different countries were able to see exciting product presentations during the NEXT / NEXUS Day. And the second part of the day was primarily marked by fun and international interaction.

Our CEO Ingo Behrendt opened the day and spoke about how the NEXUS world has evolved since our last Active Day: on current customer projects, new product developments and the introduction of NEXT GENERATION (NG) products to our customers. We also welcomed the new companies in the NEXUS family.


The ever-growing NEXUS family has many great ideas from different companies across Europe. Finding these ideas, collect them under the name of NEXUS and create the best products on the e-health market - that is our philosophy. We invest a lot into our products, have a great customer base and are highly innovation-oriented - that is what sets us apart.


To lend weight to this statement, six NEXUS teams agreed to demonstrate the innovativeness of NEXUS and the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation in form of theatre plays:



In a dramatic scene far away on an island, it was presented how our software continues to work properly despite a complete breakdown of the infrastructure. By replication, e.g. via satellite, access to the vital information about the patient is maintained and the doctor / nurse can successfully complete their surgery.


NEXUS / PDMS - the future of intensive care medicine
The colleagues from NEXUS / DIS entertained us in a typical Steve Jobs style. In an amusing presentation, they brought us closer to the documentation of the future in intensive care medicine.


Heim.NET – Clap hands for it
The Swiss colleagues presented the advantages of the nursing home software in a "handy" show. The simplicity of the bed occupancy planning with Heim.NET, for example, was hard to miss.


It could not be simpler: the ENDOBASE NEXT
This year, the Broadcast with the Mouse has again brought us a new episode. Simple and comprehensible, it explained the complex world of endoscopy and how innovations with NEXT GENERATION amaze our customers.


Acquittal thanks to the GDPR Toolbox
The presentation of the NEXUS / QM team started quite rudely for one director. Arrested in the audience, he was brought on stage to justify himself for violations of the GDPR. Very simply, it was demonstrated how the NEXUS / CURATOR can handle the documentation jungle of the GDPR.


Let the show begin – PEGASOS

In the quiz show Jeopardy, three candidates were allowed to prove their knowledge about the enterprise content management system PEGASOS by Marabu. The all-important question was finally asked by the real, living Pegasos.

Not only the exciting shows of the 6 teams and Ingo Behrendt have shown what can be achieved with cooperation and motivation. Our guest speaker Edgar Itt also underlined this in his presentation. He inspired the audience with the story of a true Olympian and gave much inspiration to everyone for the activity program of our Active Day.


When building soapboxes, the randomly mixed teams could enjoy the afternoon. Very interesting and original designs came into existence. The creativity could flow and the team spirit spread quickly around the groups. In the final derby, everyone showed what stuff their soapbox is made of. One or the other crashed pilot did not make it very far. But unharmed, everyone could enjoy the beautiful summer evening.


Thanks to "everyone" for the great presentations, soapboxes and the fantastic atmosphere. It was a lot of fun.