New Order for NEXUS / HIS in 30 Polish Hospitals

At the end of May, the last step of a large eHealth project in the Polish region of Wielkopolska was initiated. NEXUS Polska received the order to implement the HIS "Eskulap" in the 30 hospitals and to bring the hospitals together on the new regional platform including the patient portal by using a uniform communication solution. NEXUS is involved with 47 other institutions in the "Wielkopolska eHealth" project to advance the digitization of health facilities in the region.

Together with the partner "Konsultant IT", NEXUS Polska is implementing the solutions. The central component will be the communication solution with the regional platform, which ensures an EHR exchange. The second important part is the provision of eServices and the secure connection of the patient portal.


Third and also the most innovative part of the project is the implementation of NEXUS / DOCTOR'S WORKSTATION. The solution is based on a new technical approach - user-oriented, workflow-based. The doctor* on the ward can access all the necessary data and functions due to the personalisation and speed of the application and thus carry out patient-related documentation directly and without detours.


A project of this magnitude strengthens the market position of NEXUS within the Polish market as the No. 1 HIS supplier in the country.


More about NEXUS Polska: www.nexuspolska.pl